Angels of Awakening 8-Day Video Course

Discover your soul's purpose with this 8-Day Angels of Awakening boxset from angel expert Daisy Foss 
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Wake up to the angel world and learn to love yourself on a deeper level. For just £119.99, take this video workshop and you might be surprised how much of Daisy Foss' angelically guided wisdom you really needed to hear.
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What's Included?

Exclusive Videos

Over two hours worth of video content, split into bitesize chunks to watch each day


Multiple meditations to help you tap into your angel intuition


PDF downloads of sacred geometry diagrams, transcripts and additional notes to aide you in your spiritual awakening

A word from our editor...

"Daisy Foss is one of Soul & Spirit magazine's most experienced angel experts. If 2020 turned your world around, take back control and seize the chance to discover how your angels can offer you divine assistance. Healing, happy and super easy to follow along, this course is your one-stop destination to connecting with your spiritual guides, learning true self-love and living a more enlightened life. I'd swap it for Netflix any day!"

- Rosalind Moody, editor of Soul & Spirit magazine